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ROTF!!! Classic Schultz! "I know nothing either." ::cheese:: :D


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Most of the time, but certainly not always, I vape on a single (Samsung 20S) battery tube mech and a regular-sized (24mm or 25mm) top quality RDA with a .11 ohms dual coil build, aliens, 27g/36g Ni80 at 4.5 wraps 2.5mm ID. The CSMNT with the separately sold Shawty cap is also very high on my list of top quality RDAs. Using the stock cap on it I find that the CSMNT has a slight tendency to hold back the flavor and feel of the vape so, for me, the Shawty cap is simply a compulsory upgrade to it. Using the TACTF5VE and One drip tips by District F5VE. (On some other RDAs, like, for example, the Goon, I also find that the vape experience can be very noticeably improved by replacing the stock drip tip with a much better one such as a handmade in the USA "Fat Bastard" acrylic drip tip by Half Moon Mods or a similar excellent quality one.)

Coils positioned at a too far distance away from the air holes doesn't work for me regardless of what RDA you give me. With side airflow RDAs, some people prefer to have the coils positioned slightly higher than the air holes, usually in such a way that the bottom of the coil is at pretty much the same height as the bottom of the air hole, whereas personally I insist on having the center of my coils at exactly the same height as the center of the air holes so that the airflow is distributed evenly across the bottom and the top of the coils. Coils are hugely important. Fairly big clouds are merely an inevitable byproduct excepting only in the eyes of your average wannabe-flavor chaser who very typically chases ersatz vape experiences or vaping styles instead of chasing the real thing. Sorry if I come off as an elitist, but without clouds there can be no flavor. The rest are old wives' tales.

Further, my wicking style is always the same style. Nowadays I swear by Cotton Bacon Prime, but some people complain that it causes the wicks to get burned in half, or that they don't notice much of an improvement over some other cotton type, or else it is the combination of both. Whereas I found that I can fix that by gently repetitively rubbing/scrubbing the Cotton Bacon Prime between my fingertips whilst taking extra good care to gently immediately all the time peel off the pointy fluffs sticking out, also evening out the thickness along the entire length of the piece because it gradually stretches itself as you keep repeating this without doing any actual pulling, i.e. always just rubbing in the same direction and keep rubbing on the bulkiest parts the most (holding it where the bulkier part starts, preventing the thinner or less dense part from getting easily ripped to a shred), and then, after it finally starts looking and feeling pretty close to how it is supposed to, rolling it into a sausage by using the palms of my hands to apply a modest amount of pressure, then flossing it again until it has the right thickness and density everywhere, nice and uniformly that you can both see and feel.

To finish the wicks I use my ceramic tip tweezers, small sharp scissors, and a cotton hook tool that I know a lot of people say you don't need, but that you still need nevertheless because those people are not only stupid, but also stubborn stupid.

I wash my hands thoroughly with lots of warm water before I start working with the cotton, and, I avoid scented soap or other types of skincare products that'll ooze into the cotton, like the bubonic plague. In fact I don't even let the fumes of scented/fragranced products etc. mess up the quality of the air inside the room whenever I'm working with the cotton, as some types of fumes can add a foul undertaste to it so, just because they are gaseous fumes, doesn't necessarily mean none of them can fuck stuff up good in the flavorful part of the galaxy despite you don't panic and despite you always carry a towel. The answer is 42. Divided by 10 if you're talking about volts.

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