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Member For 4 Years
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OK started my Keto lifestyle change on Jan 15 2016.....And its now march 1st 2016 ..Down 25 pds so far...Its hard not eating bread and dropping the carbs to a very low level but I have been hanging in there...The above was without excercise..I think its time to throw that in the mix :)


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i did that years ago (1970-1980) back then i think we called it atkins,,, it worked,, gave you incredible muscle tone (we,,, as in the whole team) did it so 'exercise' was already part of our program. as i have aged i am not fat,, but wouldn't mind dropping about 10-15lb,,20 would make me look boney. (sp).. i sometimes fast for 3 days,, sometimes up to 6 just to detox not weight loss.......i feel fine except a little hungry first few days.

fasting has helped me to raise my heart rate,, my bp stats are always well under 100 on both call me 'near dead'----(yes i have a fear of being buried alive,, so there are several stupid rules before i can be buried-dont follow the rules,, dont show up for the will reading)
I know that weight loss is not that easy to do. But it's not always about skipping your meals or staying up hungry till late. There are many healthy ways available to lose weight. One of my dietitian friend told me about nuez dela india diet seeds . Likewise billions of people try different strategies to stay fit and active. My brother is trying to lose weight and he had lose 3 Kgs in 15 days without diet and exercise.

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