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Kudos to VapeNW!!


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I figured I'd share this since I'm super impressed with their service.

I don't recall ever having a service issue with them before, and I've placed many orders with them. Anyways, I had ordered 3 pks of FreeMax Gemm green G2/.5ohm tanks. (Which, btw, was a super steal deal at $3.99 a pk.) But, I received the .2ohm.

I e-mailed them at 6:03pm with a pic included showing the wrong ohms.
At 6:16pm I received this message...
"Hello Pamala,

Thanks for contacting us here at and we appreciate you including the photo for verification. Order VNW##### created as replacement for wrong hardware on VNW#####, ordered 3x FreeMax GEMM Disposable Tank (2 Pk) Green / Double Mesh 0.5ohm instead got FreeMax GEMM Disposable Tank (2 Pk) Green / Double Mesh 0.2ohm . I made sure to contact our warehouse team about this and make sure the correct products are in the correct bins.

Feel free to keep the other tanks, it is not worth it to return them. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this mix up."

WOW! :eek: Not only is that SUPER FAST SERVICE, 13 minutes turn around, but I get to keep the wrong tanks too! I know lots of vendors that could take some lessons from VapeNW! And I've already received the order confirmation for the new tanks. :bliss:


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