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Limitless sleeve Mod Not Firing

Hello everyone, I have a Limitless Matte Green Sleeve Kit Mod and after cleaning and sanding button a little bit i still cannot get it to fire.
I was wondering if anyone else ever had this issue and how they solved it. I also did confirm that the rda works on other mods and that other rdas do not work on the mod itself
I've looked all over online and cant really find any info.
Any advice is greatly appreciated


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Do you have the limitless mech mod?
is it similar to one?

If so there has to be an issue with one of the points off contact.
Have you checked the hybrid contact part out?
Maybe the RDA pin isn't out far enough.
It could have gotten turned a little from unscrewing and screwing back in the RDA.

Please be careful if this is the correct device.
Hybrid mech mods can cause injury if used improperly.

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