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Lipo coils?

My new mod will be arriving soon I have some questions

I'm trying to figure out the min resistance coil I can use safely on a 10Ah cell 100C rating. The company owner said no less than .3 but I don't know where he got his information.

This is how I calculate for a normal 21700

Voltage: 8.4 Max amps of mod: 60A Increase resistance

8.4v / 60A = .14 ohms min

side quest anyone can answer me what is the total amps output for a HOGXL @ 35A/cell. Back to this

Calculations for this battery:

100C * 10Ah = 1000A ⬅️? 14.8v/1000A =
.014 ohms let’s say I can go as low as .03. Is this correct?

Something's doesn't seem right about this. Any ideas?

Say l use a .1 coil. 14.8/.1= 148A < 1000A ✅ is this right?


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