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Liquidating E-Liquid Inventory

Hello there, I am a local vape wholesaler in Los Angeles going out of business and I would like to liquidate my remaining e-liquid inventory . I have 60ml freebase and 30ml salt nicotine e-juice from popular brands such as Lemon Twist E-Liquids , TWST Salt E-Juices, Pop Clouds Salt E-Liquid , and much more . The lowest dollar amount you can grab the Twist bottles for wholesale value is $5 per bottle and the Pop Clouds Salt is $3 per 30ml bottle . I'd be fine to take offers less than their wholesale prices . Shoot me a DM and lets talk. I have over 1,000+ bottles to liquidate. Transaction can be done over paypal , etc.


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@VaporJoe might be able to help with that he has helped others as well.

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