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Looking for a new open source firmware / OSHW TC mod


Are there any regulated mods out there that either ship with or have aftermarket open source firmware, besides the ones supported by myevic or microsur's myevic?

Are there any that are open source hardware as well?

Are there any active community projects to build a regulated mod?


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This site has some aftermarket firmware


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Hmm, I haven't been able to find the source code of that firmware.

Might check here. Barring that check the forum and ask any of the following for a link to source.
  • maelstrom2001
  • ReikoKitsune
  • Zinger
  • ArionWT
They seem the key developers. Apologies for an all of a minute of research answer. I don't normally use regulated devices, ergo, not much interest in being abreast of this kind of stuff "off hand". Don't mind helping a little but, well I worked with children today. *chuckles*

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