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Looking for advice on ArticFox Firmware

Howdy Vapers.

I'm looking to purchase a mod that is compatible with ArticFox firmware.

I'm planning to get some DNA features on cheap device.

I have a few questions cause, the first time I've heard about this firmware from my friend:
1. What is the best choice across vape mods to go with this firmware, I've heard that not all mods are compatible.
2. Any advice on tunning the settings?
3. Maybe you can share a good guide on how to install?

Thank you in advance

Found this one: How to Install Arctic Fox Firmware Guide: Get DNA-Like Features ⚙️ - VapoSearch
Maybe it will be useful to others who are looking how to install Artic Fox Firmware.
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I use it, but honestly couldn’t answer your questions. I use it on a pico 75, and don’t really do anything with it other than setup the boost.

This link brings you to the dev site which should be able to answer plenty of your questions


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