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Looking For Content Writers or Blogger


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I am starting a new online vapor store. I am looking for some content writers that could offer, reviews, whats new, whats hot and informational articles about the vaping community. I hope this is posted into the correct thread. But if anyone is excellent at writing or blogging and knows a ton about the vaping community I'd love to hear from you! Will pay of course.


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I know a ton about the vaping community...I've been in it for over 4 years now.....and I can say with some authority on the subject ...they are all fucking wierdos.


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I know this is an extremely old thread, but I need the same services for my website if anyone is interested. I was going to utilize a marketplace, but I'd rather check the crowd here first. Thanks!


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I have been in the vaping community for 5+ years now and I am working within the industry as well, I am currently employed running marketing as well as other aspects for a well known company in Canada. What would the commitment/compensation be for this job? ie how many articles weekly + length of each? What would the pay be like either weekly or per article?

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