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may help with weight loss and other things that ale you.

For any whome would like to try this has help me with other ailments but others have stated it does help with weight as well. I do know for results you do need to do consistently for a month. It helps aches and pains energy levels etc.

Apple cider vinager With the mother ( use Bragg brand works the best for good results) and local un processed honey you can find a local bee keeper and buy from them. I would Not recommend buying from any store unless it is local market.

If you dislike either ingtediant use very small dose and work your way up.
One tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon on apple cider vinager do once a day to start maybe two and work your way up to three times a day. You have to use warm or hot water to melt the honey though add to your favorite tea if you don't like the taste alone.

Beware this will clean your system out. I would advise starting when you will be home
The weight loss is not a one day process, it needs time and determination. We need to be focused towards it. Also the rate of reduction of weight is different for different people because we all have different body structure and metabolism. My friend is using diet seeds by Nuez Dela which is a natural product and do not have any side effects. It has helped him reduce 30lbs in just six months.


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I was grossly overweight a few years back when a uber-fitness freak friend of mine pointed me in the Paleo direction. I pushed back for quite some time and when I sat there with a plate of chicken wings sitting on my stomach while watching the Super Bowl, I decided that it was time. So, my back story...I was dealing with wicked depression and packed on quite a few "extra" pounds (by extra, I mean, I worked my way up to just a tick under 340 lbs.). I'm 6'03", so I'm not a small guy by any stretch. My friend gave me Robb Wolff's gook The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet. I won't lie, I didn't read the entire book as I was ready to just start losing weight. It has a full 30 day diet to get you started. It's tough, but very rewarding. In the first 30 days doing the diet to the letter of the recipes, I lost about 45 lbs. After continuing to eat clean 5 days a week (they recommend a 70/30 split between eating clean and eating what I wanted) for a few months, I lost a substantial amount more. I ended up down in the 250's. When my doctor saw the transition, he said that weight looked good on me and to not push it further.

Fast forward to last summer, I relocated to Charlotte, NC and I ended up at breweries and new restaurants and packed on a few pounds. I just did the 30 day meal plan and am down once again 30 more pounds.

If you have any questions about it, let me know. It might not work for everybody, but I'm definitely a believer. And, the food is actually pretty darn good. Not all, but definitely the majority of what I ate was good enough to want to eat it again.

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