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Mixing Theory


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So, what I mean by this is a thread that helps newbies and old timers to DIY with how things mix. Recipes are great, they list ingredients, but sometimes there aren't any notes to why things are done in a certain way. What I'm really getting at is like a thread that helps people understand how 2 flavors play off each other.

For example, I like CAP Vanilla Custard, it is light, add's a great vanilla touch, but is much less eggy than other custards, but when I'm making a pie or a cake, I might want that eggy touch so if I add FA Meringue it really brings out that eggy character of the custard. Another example would be how I really thought TFA Frosted Donut sucked until I added a little bit of FA Joy and it came to life and helped me create a great donut.

Maybe another way to explain it is a section on helping people construct recipes and why. The thought process behind it all. The little nuances that we figure out as we practice and refine our recipes. This is the type of research I did before I started DIY and it helped me more than I can explain.

What I'm thinking is people can post recipes in there and have them deconstructed, or we can post the evolution of our mixes and show how and why we started where we did and how we ended up at the finish line. It can include STONE recipes, threads on two flavors that mix together and create something magical, how certain mixes evolve as they steep, etc. I guess this might fall under DIY tips and tricks, but I feel like I don't see much of this going on in there and though and having a dedicated section for stuff like this might inspire a lot of great conversation.

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