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Mod question


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I have been using a smok stick for about a year. I bought my buddy's VGOD 150 box mod and have been using it for about a month now. I just recently built a pair of coils that read at 0.14 ohms. I really enjoy this build at 115 watts, but my friend says this is dangerous. Is he trying to freak me out or is this actually dangerous?


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It's rated for 150w? It's regulated? Worst case is you use lousy batteries - buy good batteries.

I think that's low, but then most of my builds are between .4 and 1.2Ω


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As long as you're using quality batteries, you can run that without issue. My current build is .14 ohms at 72.2 watts. All day long.

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as long as you are using batteries with a true minimum 20amp CDR you are fine. Those batteries are
lg hg2
lg he4
sony vtc5a
sony vtc6
samsung 25r
samsung 30q
and a few others but those are the main brand name ones

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