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So I had heard all these great things about this shop. I spent an hour putting together an order & then checking out. Then several hours later, I get some email asking me for a photo of my ID & credit card I used (with all but the last 4 numbers blacked out). This has never happened to me before, and frankly, I was a bit irritated at the inconvenience. I have been shopping online exclusively for years due to being stuck at home with chronic pain. I can't begin to count how many different places I've made purchases & never had this happen. I send them the photo anyway. I wasted another 15 minutes or so doing this.

Several more hours passed and I get some bullshit email about how they can't ship to California because of some law. Why the hell did they just make me go through that then with them?

That is frankly nonsense. I order from several other vape shops around the country and never have had any issue. In fact, I just ordered something from a place & they're located in Florida. My item shipped out today.
I don't see how MTBakerVapor is the only place that suddenly cannot send me my items. Honestly, I don't really believe them. I think they assumed something that wasn't true & then canceled my order because of it. They treated me like I did something wrong, when I was dropping $60+ at their shop. That is insulting as hell.

Either way, I think it is exteremely unprofessional to have some stupid rule about this, or to be following some such "law", then not to put a notice in plain sight, and to still allow people to follow through with checkout & even choose "California" at all for shipping. It is not hard to change things so that isn't an option. Their web developer could likely do it in less than 5 minutes.

So honestly, I feel like I've been lied to & like I was blown off, which is stupid because when I find a vape shop I like, I often drop $60+ monthly or so there. So they lost a good potential loyal customer & on top of it, they really pissed me off by wasting all my time & energy. I don't have much energy to begin with, so I consider that to be totally uncool... I just hope I'm not missing out or anything. Honestly, even if they tried to get my business in the future, I'd stay the hell away from their shop. I do not like being treated that way. Their products aren't worth it. Nobody's is.

I know this is a lesser shitty experience, compared to return policies & DOA issues & other things with other places, but it was still extremely irritating. I also lost a day & was in desperate need of e-liquid to be delivered to me quickly & now had to go through the process all over again with a different shop. 1 day can make a lot of difference when you're running out.

Just saying....

If I'm wrong, fine, but I just don't understand how they can be the only ones this law applies to, and suddenly? o_O


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I think they have a list on their news section or shipping section of places they cannot send certain things. I remember finding by accident when browsing their site. I do think it should have been red font or something to alert you that it was a state that could not be shipped to though. Sorry about your experience .

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