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NAVA & I.Ron_Lung Perrone of subOmen join forces!

N.A.V.A. and I.Ron_Lung Perrone, of "subOmen" have just joined forces. I.Ron with be hosting the Beast of the East in Philly this May 21st. For those of you who know him and/or his work for Cloud Comp's and other vaping functions and charities you know our Beast of the East competition just stepped up a notch on the "YOU CAN'T MISS THIS EVENT" scale.
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Only 1 month away. Beast of the East in Philly. Brought to you by NAVA, No. American Vaping Assn. and I.Ron_Lung_Perrone Free Admission, Free Competition, and only a few Vendor spots left. If you want in, sign up at Biggest Cloud Comp on the East Coast, all competitors will be Ranked by NAVA.


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