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Need suggestions/advice


I fell out of vaping for about a year and started smoking cigs again.... I started back up about a week ago and the set-up I have is pretty old so was looking to upgrade. I was wonder if anyone had a set-up they recommend? I'm looking for a kickass sub-ohm tank (not re-buildable preferably I would like an easy transition back in to vaping with convenience plus I have a few good RTAs/RDAs) and a nice mod it can go on (a 21700 or 20700 would be great)

Thanks in advance guys!

Edit: I should also say I enjoy mid-range probably between 40-80 watts and have about $100 to spend on set-up


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Maybe a Freemax Maxus kit would suit you. Not sure where you continue buying coils though. For that matter not sure where anyone will continue getting manufactured coil assemblies.

Seems consumer sales and distribution will soon be limited to B&Ms, only. Still I guess there's advantage to going that route for people. I'm also sure others will come along to offer other kit / setups for you.

I don't use tanks or regulated mods myself so am kind of out of touch with what's what.
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You have many choices...

The Aegis Max (GeekVape) is a well-established, single 21700 mod. A kit w/ a Cerburus tank could work for you.
Voopoo's Drag X Plus Professional Edition will be easy to use -- it has a "smart mode" that picks a wattage setting for you. Only comes w/ power mode but you can get TC w/ a firmware download, if you're into that. Probably just want the mod w/o the tank because the tank is ok but not exactly "kickass" tho it is sub-Ohm.
Eleaf's iStick Pico 21700 is another established option that's regarded highly. The kit comes w/ an Ello tank; it takes a lot of different coils, any that are Baby Beast compatible from SMOK, GeekVape, Vaporesso, Eleaf, at al.
The Gaur 21 (VandyVape) is dual 21700 & got good reviews.

For tanks, besides the ones mentioned, there's the Fireluke series from Freemax, Voopoo's Uforce which takes the same coils + has a 8ml bubble glass option, & Uwell's Crown. GeekVape's Zeus is a top airflow tank a lot of folks like.


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The Dovpo Odin 100 (single 21700 battery regulated mod) with a Samsung 30T battery and the Horizontech Falcon King subohm tank using the Falcon M1 mesh coil.

The mod is just $46 now if you order from China.


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Good thing you picked aegis w/ the Zeus, but I have a better thing using these days. Voopoo Drag X Plus with a 21700/18650 battery is a powerful combo in every way. It comes with an impressive design, well-built quality, a bright color display screen, and adjustable airflow. Powered by a single 18650/ 21700 battery, you can adjust the power wattage from 5- 100w, which is more powerful than the original Drag X. I have nothing that really complains about the performance of this device.


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and the Horizontech Falcon King subohm tank using the Falcon M1 mesh coil.
I know this is an old thread but someone (more recently) asked for suggestions of "sub ohm" tanks and I mentioned several but there was one other on I couldn't remember... that was it. Thank you for jogging my memory.

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