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NEW PWM Design. Need Feedback

Hi everyone,
Ive been kicking around this idea for a while, so this may get a little in depth. Any feedback or proof of concept i may be missing would be awesome!
The idea stuck in my head is to use a DC Brushless Motor Electronic Speed Controller (or even a full ardmino board if necessary). I am not so much concerned about the power, but more the general function. The deal is the ESC will alternate between 3 phases on its output and is controlled by a lower 5v circuit using PWN to control the speed of the motor. The real power that is out up has an acceleration curve that is programmable and will increase the timing of the duty cycle.
That what i know and here is the theory part...
The 3 -phase output doesnt actually have a neutral/ground, so I will have to use zener diodes and/ or resistor to prevent the back feed to the off phase legs, but I should be able to get the flow of current to pass through the load (my atty and coil) and return properly to the source.
Im assuming will need to be corrected from a smooth wave form to a square wave form with a capacitor(s), but im not sure about the exact wave form these produce yet.
It seems this will work as all pwms do with the same parts just instead of using one discharge wire to the load it splits it between 3 wires. Unless im missing something.

Also, The purpose of this is the acceleration curve or dynamic timing of the pmw duty cycle and the splitting of the current between the 3 legs to dissipate heat. The use if all digital components is what i was going for with the use of a lipo, ESC and a digitally produced pwm controll circui.

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