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New Released! Aspire AVP CUBE Kit 1300mAh & 3.5ml


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Brand: Aspire
Product Name: Aspire AVP CUBE Kit 3.5ml
Type: Kit

Aspire AVP CUBE Kit 3.5ml is upgraded of AVP design, with an all-new cube shape, for increased ergonomic comfort. If you loved the AVP in its first revolutionary format, this continues the tried and trusted performance values, with a stylish new appearance. The AVP-CUBE runs on classic AVP Pro coils, which instantly allows you to switch to an exciting new device, without the need to lose the coils you already know and love. MTL and DL are easily achieved, all from one beautiful device.

Features of Aspire AVP CUBE Kit 3.5ml
➤Taking the AVP Pro coils for great flavor
➤Convenient bottom fill
➤Precise airflow adjustment
➤ASP chipset safety protection
➤Wattage Output Options: 10W, 12W,14W,16W(Bypass output when using the 0.65 ohm coil)

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