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New Released! Aspire Mynus Disposable Kit 0.9ml


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Brand: Aspire
Product Name: Aspire Mynus Kit 0.9ml
Type: Kit

Aspire Mynus Kit 0.9ml is ultra-portable and featherweight, which is extremely comfortable in your hand. You can easily conceal the Mynus in your palm, and a revolutionary internal vaporless technology provides complete vapor absorption upon inhalation. You can confidently vape the Mynus anywhere with zero noise, smell, and nuisance vapor output. What's more, the Mynus is a fully disposable system, so you don't need to refill and recharge, which makes vaping the Mynus convenient and hassle-free.

Features of Aspire Mynus Kit 0.9ml
➤Automatic draw
➤Pre-filled disposable system
➤Innovative vaporless technology
➤Remarkably small

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