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[New Released] Ehpro Armor COD Semi-Mech Mod


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Brand: Ehpro
Product Name: Ehpro Armor COD Semi-Mech Mod
Type: Mech Mod
Color: SS/Grey/Black/SS Hanberk/Blue

Ehpro Armor COD Semi-Mech Mod is compatible with a single 21700, 20700 and 18650 (with an included adapter) cell. Armor COD supports a minimum of 0.1ohm resistance. The Ehpro Armor COD feature shields the fire button with the display, so you are capable of reading the voltage data. The chipset in Ehpro Armor COD provides various protections and ensures safe vaping too.

Features of Ehpro Armor COD Semi-Mech Mod
➤ 21700/18650/20700 Battery Compatible
➤ Shield Design Button
➤ High-End Stainless Steel Body
➤ Various Battery Protection For Safe Vape

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