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[New Released] Smok ACRO Kit 1000mAh With Draw-activation


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Brand: Smok
Product Name: Smok ACRO Kit 2ml
Type: Kit

Smok ACRO Kit 2ml upgrades the pod system to the higher ladder of perfor-mance, functionality, and portability. lt adopts draw-activation and button triggering. That means you can now vape with two distinct operations - inhale through the mouthpiece, or press the button to start. The device comes with two 0.8ohm meshed pods, which work in conjunction with adjustable air inlets, allowing you to get satisfying flavor and vapor at will.

Features of Smok ACRO Kit 2ml
➤Button/Air Switch
➤Adjustable Airflow
➤Two ACRO meshed 0.8ohm pods

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