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[New Released] Smok Thiner Pod Kit 750mAh & 4ml


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Brand: Smok
Product Name: Smok Thiner Pod Kit 4ml
Type: Kit

Smok Thiner Pod Kit 4ml presses a card style on its aesthetic design, more creative and space-saving than common bulky vaporizers. A 750mAh of rechargeable battery and a 4ml of refillable pod unite in delivering you thrilling vaping with long endurance and diverse flavors. THINER supports you to take the wattage level from 5W to 25W as your taste preference, the higher the wattage is, the faster the heating speed is and the stronger the taste is. Except for the big capacity of Thiner Pod, the plug-and-play system simplifies the pod replacement and meshed coil inside chases smooth flavor for you.

Parameters of Smok Thiner Pod Kit 4ml
Standby Current: <50μA
Output Wattage: 5-25W
Battery: 750mAh
Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Output Voltage: 1.7-4.0V
Charging Current: Max0.9A
Charging Voltage: 5V±0.2V
Resistance: 0.6Ω-3.0Ω
Over-charging Voltage: 4.3V±0.05V
Over-charging Current: 2.0V±0.6V
Over-discharging Voltage: 2.4V±0.03V
Capacity: 4ml

Features of Smok Thiner Pod Kit 4ml
➤Slim & portable design
➤750mAh built-in battery
➤Max 25W Adjustable Power
➤Meshed coil for smooth flavor
➤4ml e-liquid capacity
➤0.69inch OLED display

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