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New to building. HELP please


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Have a a few rebuildbles. RDA. Goon, and the goon v1.5. RTA. Pico clone given to me and the wotofo seprpent mini haven' tried the rta's yet. Been buying pre built Alien Coil 0.45 OHMS / 0.3*0.8 flat 32GA A1 want to start builing coils myself. I'm up and up on ohms Law and battery Safety. Just not sure where to start. What gauge etc. I consider myself really handy and patient. I like flavor over clouds. Oh my mod is a smok g priv2 230w/tc (what vape shop recommed). Thank you.


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Just go for it... honestly... i just got some 26x32ga kanthol klapton and tinkered with it... its ok, but i prefer stainless...26 or 28 is what i usually have on with it and youll figure out what works, and what you no expert but i leaned cuz i wanted to save sum ca$h... i dont usually build crazy low stuff... usually between .2ohm and .4ohm... your Gpriv shouldent let you fire anything crazy low...just know what the amp draw on your batteries are and keep tabs on what your actually drawing... start with a low wattage and raise it to preference.. happy trails...

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