Nice way to run a BUSINESS !



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I'm pissed. The pitbull guy doesn't rescue any cats, and he doesn't call back within a nanosecond. If you wanna succeed in this business you better get a new website and communicate telepathically. That chuck guy, I believe maybe wasn't raised wrong but was put on a detour by blunt force trauma by a falling tree limb. His parents are the ones that dropped the limb. I think he needs a new website too.

I have a solution for everyone. Pitbull guy should rescue vapers that were hit by falling tree limbs. That would be dope. And don't forget a new website.

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Just visited Pitbull Vape Juice, have a few I might like. Can anyone tell me vg/pg ratios please.


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A quick explanation is ..

Some twit bumped a 2 year old thread so they could spam their website and now it's gaining a life again.

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