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OPS-1 Pod System - SMOKJOY


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Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a look at the OPS-1 Pod System from Smokjoy. The OPS-1 Pod System was supplied for the purpose of this review by Gina from Smokjoy.

In the Box


1pc OPS-1 Body
1pc D-Pod 0.6ohm
1pc M-Pod 1.2ohm
1pc USB Cable
1pc User Manual

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The OPS-1 is a very aesthetically pleasing device, it has reassuring weight to it despite being swallowed up in the hand, the fire button placed slanted on the top make the OPS-1 very ergonomic as a thumb firer. The Black pod slots in place at the top on an angle and where it meets the device there is a translucent surround. The front edge of the device has micro USB port towards the bottom, this edge is black and has raised areas, this section sweeps round the bottom of the sides, at the top of these sections on the diagonal we have "OPS-1" one side, and "SMOKJOY" the other both in white. The base is also Black and has printed branding and safety stamps, top right of one side and top left of the other we have carbon fibre stickers placed in indented sections. The rest of the sides and spine of the device is in the colour of choice, i received the rainbow version, it is also available in Black, Blue, Gunmetal, Red, White and Gold.

OPS-1 Features:

1. Compact size with light weight, easy to carry
2. The case made of zinc alloy, durable to use
3. Built-in 1100mAh battery prolongs vaping time
4. Direct full power output, easy to operation
5. Cartridge design with embedded LED indicator

OPS-1 Specs:

Weight:224g(battery :167.5g Pod:48.5 g )
Battery capacity: 1100mAh
Pod capacity: 2ml
Output: Full power
Voltage range: 3.3v-4.2v
Resistance: D-pod 0.6ohm M-pod 1.2ohm
Material: zinc alloy
Colour: Black/Blue/Gunmetal/Red/White/Gold/Rainbow

The Pods

You receive 2 pods a 1.2ohm MTL pod and a 0.6ohm DL pod, both pods are refillable but the coils are not replaceable so once the flavour diminishes you need to replace the whole pod. The pods come with a protective sticker on the bottom of them, on the sticker the MTL pod says M-pod and the DL pod says D-pod but once these stickers are removed there is no identification on the pods themselves and they are identical even the airflow slot is the same size. On the base of the pod to one side we have the contacts, to the other there is a removable plastic bung which you pull out to fill then plug back into place. Central on the base we have a large rectangular magnet to keep the pod secure in the device, the pod holds 2ml of liquid but you need to use a unicorn style bottle or needle nose, using a dropper would be a very messy affair.

Using the OPS-1

The device is activated with a physical fire button and the usual 5 clicks of this turns the device on and off. Where the pod meets the device there is a translucent surround which lights up while vaping, it lights up blue when the battery life is 30% - 100% and red when the battery is below 30%. The device has a number of safety features which are, low voltage protection, non atomizer protection, short circuit protection and overcharging protection.


The device activates immediately on pressing the fire button which is nice and clicky and apart from battery status indication could be much better i like the device both to use and aesthetically. It's far from perfect though and most of the issues i have with it is around the pods rather than the device. The 0.6ohm gives a restricted DL vape which i like and the flavour is what i would describe as average for a pod system, the 1.2ohm gives a very airy MTL vape which suits me but wouldn't suit a lot of MTL vapers who prefer a much tighter draw, again flavour was average. The pods themselves gave me different longevity results the DL gave me reasonable flavour for 4 fills (8ml) well because i filled before empty probably about 6.5ml to be honest then the flavour started to drop off quickly. The MTL i only got 2 fills because i ran it dry giving the pod a burn't taste, seems an amateur mistake but in my defence there is no viewing window on the pods so no way of knowing your juice level without actually taking the pod out. The battery life wasn't too bad especially with the MTL pod and it charges very quickly as well as supporting pass-through.


A very nice looking device that works well but the pods need a rethink in my opinion, i would like to see the ohm clearly marked on the pod itself, viewing window is a must, a pod included with tighter airflow and would be better if as well as refillable the coils were replaceable so the whole pod doesn't need replacing.


Build quality very good
Aesthetically pleasing
2 different pods
Battery status indication
physical fire button
fire button nice and clicky
DL coil really nice vape
Battery life not bad
Quick charge
Safety protections


No viewing window
Ohms not marked on pods
MTL pod very airy (too airy for a MTL)
Flavour might be good but not long lasting
Coils not replacable
Battery status indication could be much better.
Drop off towards end of battery life

I would once again like to thank Gina from Smokjoy for supplying the OPS-1 for the purpose of this review.

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