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OXVA Origin Mini


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So far, I’ve had good experiences reviewing OXVA products, they tend to be well made, give good flavor and generally work well.

However, unlike the previous OXVA products that I’ve reviewed, at first glance the Origin Mini seems like quite a simple device—no transforming from pod-mod to 510 mod, not IP67 protection, no fine-tuning the device via an app.

This is a good thing for me, it will stand or fall based on its coil performance, build quality and ease of use.

Product overview

The OXVA Origin Mini is a 60w pod-mod system, with a built in 2200mAh battery and is compatible with OXVA’s Unicoil range.

What do you get?

  • Origin Mini mod
  • 0.3ohm Unicoil (fitted)
  • 0.2ohm Unicoil
  • type-C cable
First impressions

The first thing that I noticed is that the OXVA Mini is the most subtle design that I’ve had from OXVA to date - with minimal logos, gun metal, and carbon it looks really nice.

The second thing I noticed is that it has the same good build quality as the Unibox and Vativ, this is worlds apart from something like the Drag X - the feel, the materials, the finish, are all excellent.

One item that was conspicuous by its absence, was airflow control, it does have airflow control, but not on the outside of the mod.

Despite the name, the Origin Mini isn’t actually that small, but is does feel good in the hand – the ergonomics are nice, from the rounded back to the button placement it’s a nice device to use.


The 4ml pod is securely held in place with a magnet, and is tinted – it’s not tinted that darkly though, you can still see your juice level.

The fill is on the top of the pod, with a rubber bung, filling is easy and mess-free.

My favorite detail about the pod is that it will take a standard 510 drip-tip, this is somewhat important because there are DTL and MTL coils available, so finding the perfect drip-tip is a huge bonus.


Unlike other OXVA devices that I’ve tested, the Origin Mini is very simple and basic to use, it’s a two button setup, with a small LCD screen displaying wattage, voltage, resistance, battery level and puff counter.

One button is a fire button and the other increases the power in one watt increments, the only way to reduce the wattage is to go all the way to 60w and then let it round-robin back to 5w, the only other function is resetting the puff counter by holding down both buttons.

One thing that I find less than idea is the USB port placement, putting it on the bottom of the mod means that you can’t charge it will it’s standing up, yes it’s a very minor issue, but it’s worth mentioning.



  • Unicoil 0.3ohm - this is marketed as a restricted DL coil and recommended for use between 30 and 40w. However, I was able to enjoy it from 20w and didn’t find any benefits from pushing it above 30w. The flavor from this coil is really nice, it picks out individual flavors from your juice very well and is overall a nice vape.
  • Unicoil 0.2ohm - this is marketed as a DTL coil and recommended for use between 40 and 60w. Like the other supplied coil, it starts to perform well below the minimum recommended wattage, from 30w it gives full flavor and good vapor production, and doesn’t really benefit from going higher than 45w.
These coils are both very impressive, the fact that you don’t have to push them hard is good for coil and battery life.

After I had refilled the pod three or four times, there was a tiny amount of moisture under the coil, but it’s such a minuscule amount that I can’t see it being a problem.

In addition to the coils provided with the kit, there are also 0.5ohm RDL and 1.0ohm MTL coils available.


There is an RBA available as a separate purchase, normally I’m not that concerned about RBAs, as if I want to build on a deck, I’ll just use an RTA. However, it’s really cheap and I like the Origin Mini mod, so I’ll probably get hold of one.


The 0.3ohm coil comes with an airflow ring on the bottom of the coil, I’d much prefer airflow control on the actual mod, I enjoyed that coil with the airflow fully open, so it didn’t bother me.

The 0.2ohm coil does not come with the adjustable airflow ring, so that’s the airflow you’re going to use – again, I can’t imagine wanting to cut the airflow down on this coil.


The claimed 2200mAh battery has hardly needed charging, especially when using the 0.3ohm coil. I put this down to me running both coils at or below their minimum recommended wattage.

What would I change?

There isn’t much that I’d want to change, but. . .

  • Airflow adjustment on the mod, not the coil.
  • USB port on the side of the mod, not on the mod.
  • Include the RBA with the kit, or at least have one version of the kit that comes with the RBA.

This is easily my favorite pod-mod to date, most pod-mods that I review end up being given away, or stuffed in the back of a cupboard – however the Origin Mini is a keeper for sure.


The Origin Mini was provided for the purposes of this review by OXVA

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