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"Perfect" Pairs


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@Synphul made a comment in response to me on another thread where he said that the Elder Dragon RDA was just about perfect for the GV Athena squonker.

I thought about that for a few minutes and thought, well, that might make a good thread, for some of us to post what we consider "perfect" matches of mods and atomizers. I have several myself and I'm sure others do, too.

I agree with Synphul's evaluation of the Athena and Elder Dragon.

Also really like the eLeaf iJust S base with Cthulhu's Mjolnir RDA.

The the Zeus X Mesh is a perfect match to the Aegis Max, imo.

Also the Reload S with AV's Timekeeper Revolver tube (both clones).

How about you guys? What are your perfect pairs?

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