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Personalize your Vertigo! Laser engraving, Hand Chiseled Inserts, Match a Pen with your Mod


VU Vendor
VU Vendor
We want to meet the specific needs of each individual customer!

We offer extensive possibilities in the creation of customized mods starting from the choice of the color of the stabilized wood, to the insertion of hand chiseled inserts in 925 silver, gold, copper, and brass.


We can laser engrave your name or a phrase on the fire button.


Our pens are as unique as you are.

Our collection is dedicated to the great figures of the history of art such as De Chirico, Raffaello and Leonardo, worked on the lathe and finished with the use of manually moved gouges.


Our pens can be hand sculpted on request

with the same stabilized wood as your mod and they can also be personalized by laser engraving your name on the pen’s clip

Our handcrafted in Italy is a guarantee for those looking for products that are always original and elegant.

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