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Petition to reverse PACT Act..Please sign & share on social media.


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Please sign the petition to reverse the deeming of vape products as tobacco products. It will be sent to the senate, House of Representatives, and the President. After signing, there are options to donate or share it via Facebook and other social media. Here's my FB post (with the petition), for a quick copy/paste:

Due to the PACT Act that was literally SNUCK into the over 5,000 page stimulus bill that would obviously be approved without being completely read, millions of Americans are losing their health, businesses, jobs, (and in turn, their homes & money for food and medicine). This act prohibits any and all vape products from being shipped through the mail- despite the new law that charges an extra $8 shipping fee on every order that includes vape products (including coils, hardware, and ejuice with no nicotine), to cover costs for customers to show an ID and sign for each package. (There's no fee to sign for other packages.) This alone keeps these products out of the hands of teens.
The regulations are causing millions of smokers and x smokers to go back to cigarettes that contain 5,000+ carcinogens.

Ejuice only contains 3 foodsafe ingredients, and nicotine if you choose, but every ejuice and Vaporizer and accessory is now deemed by the FDA as a "tobacco product", though there's 0 tobacco, and 0 nicotine for many of us.
The lung problems you saw on the news 2 years ago were rumored to be from vaping. That propaganda was created by the tobacco companies that lose customers and profit when a smoker
switches to vaping, which is much safer. It's called harm reduction. (The culprit was Vitamin E acetate that was in black market THC cartridges. It's NEVER been due to vaping ejuice.)

The American Cancer Society Action Network, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, and even the North Carolina Cancer Alliance & N.C. Chapter of Academy of Pediatricians have joined and sent letters asking local politicians to reverse the decision that was made without the public's knowledge or approval.
Please sign the petition. You'll literally be saving millions of lives (including your daughter, mother, best friend, God children's) that would otherwise have a future of cancer, COPD, emphysema, heart failure, etc.


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