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Pics From The SFATA CT Vapor Trail Event


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Decided to go to the SFATA sponsored CT Vapor Trail event in South Glastonbury, CT today.
Entertaining, but rather uneventful. Mostly just a gathering of vapers to shoot the shit and to support (both morally and financially) SFATA.

Finally got to meet Zophie from the YouTube channel Zophie Vapes, and Matt & Vanessa from the YouTube channel Suck My Mod.

My ugly mug with Matt and Vanessa:

2016-09-25 15.43.51.jpg

Yours truly again, with Zophie and an unknown girl with a very kind spirit:

2016-09-25 15.49.37.jpg

Just milling around:

2016-09-25 16.03.16.jpg

Getting ready for the raffle giveaways. 8 tickets, and I didn't win diddly. But that's okay - all the proceeds went to support SFATA:

2016-09-25 16.05.09.jpg

I did get a "Swag Bag" included with my entrance fee. The product value definitely outweighed the entrance fee:

2016-09-25 20.16.07.jpg
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Wow chef, you look Nothing like your profile pic.


Edit to add - Zophie looks a young version of the red lady from Game of Thrones.
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