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Hello everyone and welcome to another review. This is Pizza Dave and today I will be going over the Topside Carbon by Dovpo. This review isn’t going to take super long because I already wrote a review on the Topside Dual, and this is essentially that device, with a few changes. This review is late to the game, but’s here, I tested it, I am reviewing it. I wanted to test one for quite some time, and was on the verge of just buying one a few times. It never happened, but at least it is happening now. Let’s see if all of my expectations will be met, or if Dovpo will let me down!

DISCLAIMER: This device was sent to my by Sourcemore for review.



  • 1 Topside Carbon mod
  • 1 pre-installed 10mL squonk bottle
  • 1 spare 10mL squonk bottle
  • 1 USB charging/update cable
  • 1 spare parts bag (screws and what not)
  • 1 Piece of the carbon/resin block from the build of your device (kind of neat)
  • Paperwork

Available in several colors, including some new ones. It comes in about every color you can think of including red, yellow, blue, magenta, gray, blue/red, blue/green, and I am sure some others.





Measurements: 88.5mm by 54mm by 42mm

Battery: Dual 18650

Power Range: 5-200w

Capacity: 10mL squonk bottle

Other features: Topside top fill bottle.



As expected...gorgeous. The biggest draw for something like this is obviously how it looks. The combination of the carbon and resin that make up the main body of this device looks excellent and gives this a whole new feel. I love the topside dual, and it is still one of my favorite dual battery squonkers out there, but they really stepped it up with this one. It feels solid, it looks great, and it lives up to what I hoped it would be like in person.



This is where things get tricky. I wouldn’t even be able to step through this section on my own, without the book. Yihi always does things a little weird and the board on this is no exception. For normal use, this works just fine, but it takes some time to get into how it is done. Let’s try to break it down and make it simple.

5 clicks of the fire button will turn on the device

Once on, 5 clicks of the fire button will get you to a menu where you can turn it off and see the following options:

  • System - Turns device on and off
  • Brightness - Adjusts screen brightness
  • Stats - Puff counter and puff counter reset
  • Exit - Exits the menu


  • System - Turns device on and off
  • TCR Setting - Adjust TCR
  • Unit - Change between F and C
  • Brightness - Adjusts screen brightness
  • Stats - Puff counter and puff counter reset
  • Exit - Exits the menu


  • Pressing the enter button will cycle the modes
  • Hitting the fire button 3 times will lock or unlock the entire device (won’t fire either)
  • Holding the enter button will read resistance

Like I said, it isn’t too terrible, but it is just a different way of doing things. We are so conditioned to things like 5 clicks to turn a device on and off that it becomes second nature in a way. This works, but it takes a minute to remember what to do. The menu and screen are laid out clearly, so once you are in, it isn’t confusing.



So how does this compare to a regular Topside Dual? In short, it is basically the same, but looks better. The Yihi chipset, to me, isn’t any better than what they had before. However, I am a wattage vapor that doesn’t mess around with TC all that much. I know I tested it on the Dual, and found it was not very good at all. With this, it took a minute of playing, but I found it to have decent temperature control, as expected by Yihi. Other than the chip, this still has that great top fill design. It also has a solid feeling door, which I have no complaints with, and it also fits up to a 30mm atomizer right up to the fill cap (28mm realistically). Functionally sound device in my opinion.





Like I said at the start, I wanted one of these so so bad. I like the Topside family of devices. I have never had an issue with leaking, or any other failures. I love how they refill, and I also like the look of them, but I will always be real. Did this live up to the hype for me? Yes, but purely based on looks. I LOVE how this looks! However, I think they could have ditched the Yihi chipset and gone for the standard Dovpo chip from the last one and MAYBE shaved some money off the price. Personally, I would have loved to see a DNA250C version a little more, but then the price would have gone up more. Nothing against Yihi, they just aren’t as user friendly as other chips. Beyond the chip thing, I really do love it. This is my favorite dual battery squonk mod of 2019, and think that they did a great job with it. It has very few cons for what it is, and I will use this until it dies.


OVEN TEST – If this were to accidentally fall into the pizza oven, would I go out and get another? Yes, yes I will.



  • Looks amazing
  • Top fill squonk system
  • Dual 18650 offers plenty of power
  • Accommodates up to 30mm atomizers without serious overhang (28mm with none)
  • Feels great in hand, even if a little big
  • No rattles what so ever
  • Good power and TC output



  • Big, not pocket friendly
  • Heavy
  • Yihi chipset is not great for beginners
  • Should have come with matching 810 drip tip (I wish)


Thank you everyone and thank you to Sourcemore for sending this my way for review. They have these listed for $170 and are currently getting the new colors in stock soon.


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