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Pizza Dave Delivers - An AIO Review - The VKSMA by Vsticking


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Hello everyone and welcome to another review by me, Pizza Dave. Today, I will be going over the VKSMA by Vsticking. I don’t really know what to call this? Is it a squonker, is it a pod system, is it an AIO? It is more or less all of the above. This small device features a liquid bottle, which has a motorized system which automatically pumps liquid from the tank up into an atomizer head which resembles a small RDA. The heads on this are replaceable, but not rebuildable. It features a large battery, small atomizer, and runs on temp control only. It is an interesting one to say the least, so let’s get right to it eh?

This device was sent to my by Sourcemore for review.


  • 1 VKSMA 1400mah device
  • 1 .3-ohm Ni211 atomizer head (called an ADA or automatic dripping atomizer)
  • 1 3ml e-liquid tank
  • 1 spare tank seal
  • 1 Micro-USB charging cable
  • Paperwork

Available in a few different frames with a pattern on the side. Silver/zigzag, silver/coral, gunmetal/carbon, gunmetal/diamond, black/skull, black/flame, black/leather, and black/suede. For reference, mine is the black and suede combo.






It is an impressive little device out of the box. It is all just very interesting and fun to play with. The look and feel of the device is great, with a compact size, yet hefty feel. The bottle is plenty large for an atomizer made for MTL, and once you get into it, you’ll find it is a complicated device made simple. Upon first opening the box, I had very high hopes for this.



This is where it gets a little bit tricky. The device uses a YIHI chipset which offers temp control, along with pump settings. This is going to be a confusing a very wordy operation segment, because it is a bit different for something so small. I will try to break it down and keep things simple.

Let's just do this in steps.

  • Long press the fire button to turn on.
  • To turn off, lock the device by pressing the fire button 3 times. From there, long press the fire button again
  • When in the main operating screen, you will see battery indication, temp setting, and a mode. Pressing the up or down buttons here will turn up or down the pump rate of the device. Higher numbers mean it will pump more liquid per puff.
  • To change other settings, you must hit the fire button 5 times after the device is locked with 3 clicks of the fire button. In this screen, you can change the temperature setting, temp units, or the mode between P1 and P2. I honestly don't know what these two modes are. They don't save anything from what I can see.

Beyond these, you can manually pump the liquid by long pressing the up button. Long pressing the down button will do the opposite and suck liquid back into the tank.

This device definitely is simple once set up, but getting there is a major pain in the ass. There are also other modes for DIY, which is made for a rebuild able coil. I never did that, so I am not even going to go there. I suggest reading up on the manual before using this device or it may outright confuse you.





When it works, it works really well. The flavor from the tiny ADA head is stellar and offers a nice middle of the road MTL draw. The intake on it is small, so this never gets super airy. Flavor from this small head and small coil is also great WHEN IT WORKS. My biggest gripe was getting it to work well, and work consistently. It takes some time to dial in the TC and dial in the pump level, but for me, I struggled to find a sweet spot of getting a saturated vape without drying out. It always felt like I needed to crank the pump up more, but it never seemed to change all that much. I ran it in automatic mode all the time and it was simple, but didn’t dial in right. I played with the settings over and over and it didn’t seem to improve. I mention how the device is simple, but only once you get a hang of it. The way they did the menus is all very Yihi, and it is confusing out of the gate. Beyond that, you have temp settings and pump settings to play with, and it comes natural as you play around with it. I think my biggest gripe with this device is that it isn't something that one can just pick up and use. Hell, I couldn't even turn it on until I grabbed the menu and realized it took a long press of the fire button to do so. Let's be real though...... when this works, it is a great device that provides a stellar vape. Liquid capacity is great, and the battery lasts forever. I literally am still on the first charge with this, and on the 3rd tank refill. The coil looks to be about shot, and I have used it for work over a couple weeks. I like the innovation behind it, but I think they still have some work to do with their TC settings and the pump system setup. It is neat, but I would rather grab some other top pod systems over this.

Side note. If you are thinking of getting this, don't go for high nic. I ran 35mg and it knocked me on my ass. I recommend 25mg in salts or even a 6-9mg in freebase for many users of pods or 3mg sub-ohm systems.


OVEN TEST – If this were to accidentally fall into the pizza oven, would I go out and get another? Not at this time. It is a cool idea, but not perfect.



  • It is innovative and brings something new to the table
  • Compact in size
  • Looks great and has some nice colors
  • Feels very solid and durable
  • Flavor is good
  • Liquid lasts a long time
  • Battery life seems to be eternal.


  • I struggled to find a sweet spot with the temp and pump
  • Menu system is confusing at first
  • Who knows how long a pump will last?
  • The ADAs are not rebuild able, and there isn't a huge market for small atties like this anymore. Also, good luck finding new heads locally


Thank you everyone and thank you to Sourcemore for sending this my way for review. They have these listed for about $90.


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REVIEW CRITERIA: I use each item for about two weeks to ensure I have collected enough data to adequately write a review. I use the same e liquid in tanks or rdas throughout all my reviews to ensure that I am comparing apples to apples between all modern equipment. I do not post reviews until I feel confident that I have used it enough to give an educated review. The reason I started doing reviews was due to poor purchasing decisions in my vaping infancy about two years ago. Back then, I purchased several different pieces of hardware without really enjoying it and I hope my reviews can guide people into spending their hard-earned money more wisely than I did! ****Keep in mind that some items I receive may be pre-release and not in retail packaging. Quality may be less than the finished product and what is in the package may differ from the retail package as well.

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