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Pizza Dave Reviews - The Exceed Edge by Joyetech


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Hello everyone and welcome to Pizza Dave’s vape reviews. Today I will be reviewing the Exceed Edge all in one vaping device by Joyetech. This device was sent to me by Joyetech for review.




Joyetech has been on the top of their mod game lately and their latest entry, the Exceed Edge, is set out to compete in the pod / all in one market. It has simple, sleek, and fun to use. This is a 25w device that has a side fire button mechanism and some stylish lights to indicate battery life. I will dive down into the features, how to use, and throw up my pros and cons at the bottom.




- Joyetech Exceed Edge

- Exceed Edge Cartridge

- 2 Exceed EX 1.2ohm MTL Atomizer Head

- 1 Set of Spare Parts

- 1 Micro USB Cable

- Available in Black, Orange, Yellow, Red, Silver, and Rainbow





The Exceed Edge is a simple device, which features a pod-like system. I say Pod-like because the pods are available separate, but it also uses the same changeable coils as the exceed D19 and D22 tanks. It is a bit of an odd system but allows users to have the chance to find coils where some stores may not carry the entire pod. Each pod has a decent sized fill port that is capped with a rubber plug. **Some online sites are showing the .5-ohm EX coil as a replacement for this device, but Joyetech only shows that the 1.2 ohm is to be used.**





Operating this device is quite simple. 5 clicks of the entire rubberized side and it turns on. After each release of the fire button, the LED indicators light up to show how much battery is left. Battery life from the 650mah internal battery is stellar, but it is definitely nice to see such a simple method used to show how much vape time is left.

The LEDs indicate as follows:

- Solid 60-100% battery life

- Slowly flashes 30-59% battery life

- Moderate flashes 10-29% battery life

- Flashes frequently 0-9%




Flavor and vapor from this device are on par with other pods. Flavor is decent and vapor is mediocre. I enjoyed using this device because I was able to get good flavor without blowing clouds all over the place. It is quite stealthy but still satisfying. I filled the pod 4 times, and it still works just as it did on the first fill. I elected to use 25mg Nic Salt juice and found myself grabbing this on the go more than larger 2 battery mods with sub-ohm tanks.




I was pleasantly surprised by the Exceed Edge. It is easy to use, which makes it great for new vapors. It feels like it is built very sturdy, and the styling is something different than other pods I have seen lately. Flavor is good for how little vapor is produced and the coils seem to last a long time. The battery life lasts for days, literally. I vaped it two days in a row at work and never had to charge it! While I have had better flavor from some other pod systems on the market, the styling, battery life, and “traditional” coil system this provides puts this high on my list of favorite pod systems right now.


- Nice styling

- Simple battery life indicator

- Tip feels good on the lips

- Affordable price

- Lots of color options


- Flavor is better from some other pods on the market

- Be prepared to get liquid on fingers when filling

- Packaging I received was a plastic tube. The device was floating all over the place, but hopefully mine was sample packaging only and the retail protects the device more before it gets to the user.



I found the Exceed Edge for sale all over the net with a price range of $20-30.

For more information, head on over to:

Thank you everyone for reading and thank you to Joyetech for providing me with this hardware for review!

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