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I have 8 gallons of PG taking up space in my dining room. If I don't sell these I'll be dumping 8 gallons on Sunday 9/20. What a waste.
I purchased these from Essential Depot a while back. It's been well stored.

Here's the deal: I'm not asking anything for these. If you want to donate a few bucks towards Mama's vape jar, I adore you.
Shipping will vary greatly on weight and where you live. $20 - $75

1 Gallon is 9 lbs and can ship in a Priority Mail Shoe Box
2 Gallons is 18 lbs in half a gly-cube box, Priority
4 Gallons is 36 lbs as a gly-cube, Priority
Price is only a few pennies difference from ground to priority. Literally.
Containers are sealed in plastic. Need nic? Inquire within - 1oz - 32oz.

Please PM me your zip for an exact price, shipped. I get commercial rates.

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