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Pod Market Outside Of China


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Now before i get in to anything, i would like to apolagize if this is not allow and sorry but pod threads kinda dead.

local vape ask to help them push their product called isoul pods. now im not a pod user, i have tried but i still prefer something with a has bigger clouds and more options when it comes to e-juice. anyways, they know that i been vaping for a very long time and also know quite a bit in terms of knowledge in terms of vaping (actually just enough to make others think im expert, which im not)

they arent doing bad but they want to do better (which is normal), and since i dont have anything to do aka jobless right now, they ask me for help.

now the main point (above was pretty much bullshit): he ask me help push instant disposable pods, but putting them in coffee shops, bubble tea shops (boba tea as americans like to call it), causal bars and places like that. but my vision would like to go beyond that. im hoping i can help them push their products outside of china. as most of u know that the pod market outside of china has always been dominated by juul and honestly they arent sold in china cuz they are totally out class by the competiton period. juul cant directly charge it makes it a bit of flop here.but with relx opening up with shipping worldwide now, things have changed.

what u see here is a vending machine for disposable pods, what u do is scan the QR code and pick your flavor. then u just pay using your phone via wechat or alipay. now i know the rest of the world arent paying with their phones yet (well besides phone brand pays) and if there is market or disposable or even pods that arent juul/relx.

i will go as far as to have youtubers like rip-tripper review it, if possible (not the best choice out there, but too bad his names pretty blood big on youtube).

now heres part that crosses the line (which im sorry), if anyone one here in the business is intrested, i ask to see if i can sent any samples out there.

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