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Post a Picture Any Picture (that you took)


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It doesn't matter what You took it with (phone to top of the line camera), if it was cool, funny, pretty, interesting or just a picture YOU liked of any subject, post it.
We seem to have a lot of budding photographers on this site so
lets see whats happening in your world.



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Wow you've got a lot of great photos on your Flickr page.
Thanks. I am my own worst critic and usually think they are crap. It's still fun. I've fallen out of the hobby the last few years due to lack of time from work and the kids got old enough that they won;t let me take their pictures anymore. We are going to the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, TX this weekend with our scout troop and I'm taking my Point and shoot. Don't feel like lugging the full frame with me. Done that before.


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Now that's a cringe worthy photo, makes me tired just looking at it. :D
That is what I had to get through to get to my truck to go plowing for the next 12 hours straight! Good thing the snow blower wasn't blocked by a drift like has happened in the past!


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Great shot, and some damn nice pictures on your Flickr page.
I grew up in Wickenburg and Bagdad, love the scenic pics.
Thanks Brother.... I spent 15 years in Germany and have seen many Middle eastern cities and many others..... My passport was full of Visas from Page #1 to the last...... That's a Reason I capture images.... I just posted new ones yesterday and today......[email protected]/
Payson Weed Boys 01.05.18 009-2Small.jpg


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I've never captured lightning, but it's very high on my list of things to-do.
You've inspired me, I guess this spring I'm going to have to get the camera set up and give it a try.
Glad I could help :D. It was high on my list too. Wanted to get more pics last spring/summer, but didn't get motivated.
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