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random chat and pictures


VU Vendor
VU Vendor
random things in the workshop and my travels

so the first picture is stem making for pipe stems I'm going less than 0.45mm I know you guys use the proper way in inches I was trained in inches and had also had to learn millimetres due to the eu I prefer inches as you can say take off 3 thou but mm is less accurate

all my stems are stainless steel fitment 510s it has taken some doing but it works



this will be a regulated 18350 calabash pipe called sherlock


alfie who was fast asleep last night I had the night off (a rare thing in this house)


this is a metal stockist for precious and non-precious metals this is one section some of the tubes are stock that's over 50 years old they wouldn't let me take a picture in the vaults (spoil sports)


a new pipe that's going out this week to a customer with a silver alloy 510 holder 22mm

and when todd had my pipe for a review I sent him a video and so I will show you below me in the workshop with Alfie


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