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Salina approves new e-cig ordinance


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The Salina City Commission adopted a new ordinance on the sales of e-cigarettes. Now all vapor, hookah and tobacco shops will have to go through the city and obtain a conditional use permit.

Salina has two vapor shops open currently. Sophy Kea is the owner of "Salina Vapes".

Kea said just three days after opening his shop, the city called a moratorium saying although these types of smoke shops aren't illegal yet, they aren't quite legal either.

"We need this in this town," Kea said. "There are a lot of smokers here, and everywhere."

Kea said he wants to expand his business to help more people, but the city's decisions have made it harder.

"I've seen business drop a lot," he said.

While business has dropped, Kea said he understands.

"I think they are doing the right thing by really investigating and really looking at what steps we need to take to let these businesses run and operate," he said.

Some residents say if the city doesn't allow that, it will hurt Salina's revenue. One of Kea's customers, Daniel Gier, agrees.

"I would just like to see anyone do good and open a business, just give everyone a free chance to open a business," Gier said.

Both Salina vapor shops will have until October to fill out those forms to be considered legal.

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