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Showcasing "Indiana" a 2021700 stabwood hybris clickfet squonker


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VU Vendor
by clickfet we are talking a switch on switch off reverse battery protection tells you when the battery is low protects from shorts its a small format board popular with modders in the UK

so dvd

"Raiders of the lost ark"

Major Eaton: What exactly is a headpiece to the Staff of Ra?
Indiana: Well, the staff is just a stick. I don't know, about this big. Nobody really knows for sure how high. And it's...
[turns blackboard to blank side]
Indiana: it's, uh... it's capped with an elaborate headpiece in the shape of the sun with a crystal in the centre. And what you did was, you take the staff to a special room in Tanis, a map room with a miniature of the city all laid out on the floor. And if you put the staff in a certain place at a certain time of day, the sun shone through here and made a beam that came down on the floor here... and gave you the exact location of the Well of the Souls.
Colonel Musgrove: Where the Ark of the Covenant was kept, right?.
Indiana: That's exactly what the Nazis are looking for.
Major Eaton: Now what does this Ark look like?
Indiana: Uh... there's a picture of it right here.
[opens a book on the table]
Indiana: That's it.
[they all look at an illustration of the Hebrews devastating their enemy with the Ark]
Major Eaton: Good God!
Brody: Yes, that's just what the Hebrews thought.
Colonel Musgrove: [pointing to a beam of light] Uh, now what's that supposed to be coming out of there?
Indiana: Lightning. Fire. Power of God or something.
Major Eaton: I'm beginning to understand Hitler's interest in this.
Brody: Oh, yes. The Bible speaks of the Ark levelling mountains and laying waste to entire regions. An army which carries the Ark before it... is invincible.


this is the block, no it's not from Europe or eBay or me mate or Etsy its mine all of it, the wood is wisteria it's about 100 years old maybe older we are not sure colours are 3 whites 2 reds touch of black


cutting back roughing out as it were


some shaping going on


so the basic shape is done

we need to polish I do not use lacquer, nail polish, oil or me, nans sweat. I polish the mod so watch the wood...

alfIMG_6525.jpg alfIMG_6526.jpg


so "Indiana" is done and will go out on his travels bagged, boxed with extras

love my mods, then like them, follow me , one.



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Wisteria like the flowering vine Wisteria...dude I thought your pipe was cool, but this is even better...much to good to have that kilt wearing wack job to review it...whats the price
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