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showcasing "Sahara" a dna75c solid silver hallmarked faceplate mod


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VU Vendor
my normal threads show how the mod is made and proves to you its made by me by hand so this is how they go..... and of course the DVD which was on in the workshop at the time


shaking all over

well on this one I have been

new polishing technic and a friend I haven't seen for nee on 30 years was involved to present this to you

so Sahara hmmm DVD?

"Sahara" 2005

Dirk Pitt: [after they come across a wrecked plane in the middle of the Sahara] I'll bet you a hundred there's a tool kit in there.

Al Giordino: [looking at the tattered remnants of the plane] I don't wanna rain on your crazy parade, buddy, but I don't think we can fix this thing.

now there is a block shot of this mod on my Instagram somwhere

there is also this


98 grams of solid silver the proper stuff, not your "oh look its plated" hallmarked by Birmingham assay this plays a part


the original block I scrapped I wasn't happy with it so I used Sahara instead Sahara was for another customer who went dark on me note if you contact me for a mod don't play I forgot or I hope he doesn't remember as I do and I will find you etc....


so heres the first of many mockups



side view ok nothing too different there


back view some inclusions in the wood which i have left in place as i like them ok keep going


another side...hang on What?


what your looking at is a solid silver 40 grams in weight faceplate all milled by hand no post no china no mate, made by me here, the plate is hand engraved by a lady I worked with 30 years ago all by hand not acid etched or machine, laser engraved by HAND

the apprenticeship is 7 years to become a hand engraver I know of 3 living good ones it takes 10 years to become a master and part of the guild

so how exclusive is this stu?

well you work it out I'm getting bored of copycats and the same old mods so I thought I would do something different raise the bar so to speak

I need to clean the silver and get rid of the rouge but I'm so tired after working on this its taken on and off 8 weeks to make

it went out and has a lovely home now

and as always I finish all my posts with

love um really love my mods cases cabinets stands bags etc then like, follow me and buy one

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