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Siegfried Mesh RTA wicking terribly


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This atty has been a huge disappointment as I cannot seem to get it to wick properly resulting in constant dry hits. I watched 2 review vids before buying and both mentioned how great this atty wicks. Matt from SMM was vaping it without issue at 70 watts but I'm getting dry hits after 3 tokes at 30 watts. I've tried different cottons and various types of mesh strips. I've tried packing the cotton tight and packing it as loose as a mesh coil will allow and still...dry hits. I even tried tucking some of the cotton down into the holes beneath the deck (the juice flows to the deck through ports on the bottom) but nothing has made a bit of difference. I've noticed bubbles forming around the juice ports inside the tank that don't seem to ever pop. I took the deck out and held the full tank up in the air to see how easily the liquid flowed through the ports and it just trickles out at a very slow pace so maybe it just can't handle juice with a 70/30 vg to pg ratio (although that's fairly standard)? I know most posts like this are a result of inexperience but I'm practically a professional at building mesh rtas. They're all I vape and I literally every mesh rta that has been released going back to the themis and the Vandy vape mesh rta. Except for the Hugsvape Ringlord (which actually has similar issues), I've never had a mesh rta that wicks this poorly. Would be grateful for advice from someone who has gotten this thing wicking properly.


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Don't have the siegfried but general mesh practice is wick under mesh snug not tight, tails combed and dam holes but not filled completely. Takes a little experimenting....


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Is that the one that wicks from the bottom? I kinda had doubts about its ability to keep up with mesh.

Another thing to consider is your climate. Cold weather can increase viscosity of your liquid. When you said the bubbles ‘would never pop’, it immediately made me think of thick juice holding it back.

I used my RDAs more in the winter because that issue is so annoying.

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