SMOK Alien Kit or SMOK T-PRIV Kit ,Which Better ?


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SMOK Alien Kit and SMOK T-PRIV Kit are two vape kits in the line of SMOK 220W Kits. SMOK Alien 220w Kit was regarded as one of best amazing portable kit ,the T-PRIV Kit was the most unique and cool SMOK kit .Buy SMOK Alien TC Kit or SMOK T-PRIV Starter Kit ? Which Better ? So,this article will share a simple comparison between these two popular SMOK 220W Full Kit,hope it will be useful.

SMOK Alien Starter Kit vs SMOK T-PRIV 220W Kit

The Same

1.Developed and supported by same team SMOK.
2. Full Kit with multi-colors available.
3. 220w max power output.
4. upgradable firmware.
5. 2 x 18650 cells required.
6. 510 threading and USB charging.
7. comes with prebuild coils.

The Different

1.Different appearance : SMOK T-PRIV 220W Kit with unique Hollow out design and Adjustable LED meets your various color demands, the SMOK Alien Kit with creative design.

2.eJuice capacity : Alien kit was 3mL ,the T-PRIV 220W Kit was 5mL.

3. Alien Kit is compact and portable than T-PRIV Kit,even if smok t-priv kit was portable too.

Just as we have seen,the different between these two kits are mini, so if you wanna a super compact kit with good reputation,then you can buy SMOK Alien Kit, as you maybe known, the SMOK Alien 220w TC Starter Kit is the most bestselling high wattage vape setup in 2017, tested by many users with many good reviews.

But if you are looking for a cool and amazing kit with awesome flavor as well as large ejuice capacity,then you can buy SMOK T-PRIV Kit, this is the new generation SMOK 220W Kit, represents new technology supported by SMOK, and will give you a great vaping experience too.

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