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SMOK INFINIX 2 Replacement Pod Cartridge (3pcs/pack)


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Today we'll be covering SMOK Vape Infinix Pod Replacement Cartridges. If you have Infinix Pod Mod ,this must be your requirement.


The SMOK Infinix Pod Replacement Cartridges uk come in a 3-Pack and have been designed specifically for the Infinix device. These replacement cartridges are completely refillable, giving you the option to use any preferred flavor. To maintain the device’s excellent performance, it’s required that you replace your Infinix Cartridge periodically, as these cartridges include an integrated horizontal coil atomizer and fresh organic cotton. Each SMOK Infinix pod shares a proprietary magnetized gold-plated connection and boasts a 2ML e-liquid capacity, allowing for greater time vaping between refills. Keep your SMOK Infinix performing at its best by adding these SMOK Infinix pods to your shopping cart today!Please click Online Vape Shop UK, Best Online Vape Store Buy Cheap.

E-liquid Capacity:2ml
Fit for:SMOK INFINIX 2 Kit

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