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Smok Stick V8 & Pen 22 fire buttons non responsive

I've got the same problem with both of these. I've learned that Smok internals are not that great but that's what I have now. My problem after months of being used, the buttons are very difficult to get them to fire. I have to find just the right spot on the button for it to work. But it's never the same spot. I have to press it like 10 times or so for it to finally fire. I suspect leaked juice got inside and is causing it. I've searched for how I might get inside, but found nothing. Any thoughts or ideas, aside from just tossing it and looking for another similar device? Ideally, I'd really like to get inside.
I found this post earlier while looking for a solution to fix my Smok Pen 22 fire button. I know this probably isn't helpful to the OP but maybe it will be for someone else who finds this.

I fixed my button by dabbing some isopropyl alcohol on the button so it seeped into the device. I didn't flood it, just a wet it a bit. It very quickly loosened up. I blew out the remaining isopropyl alcohol by putting my mouth to the charging port and blowing. That dried it out and hopefully carried whatever was gunking it up away from the button, might have even come out with the alcohol if it was juice.

So far it is working again like new.


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Another suggestion is to use Electronics Parts cleaner which will not damage plastics or paint. E-liquid in the fire button will cause this type of issue.


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