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swag px80 typical and tank system

swag px80 typical and tank system
typical from swag px80 is a pod mod with the latest innovation, a tank with a leak protection system.
and makes it easier for you to replace the coil. You only need to press on the drip tip, then the coil is easily pulled and the liquid inside will not come out because of this latest innovation from the px80 swag.
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You normally hit the nail square on the head. Which is no small feat when doing product reviews in this industry. Well done I would say.

1617121637333.pngOP had that exact text up from the article at first, then after I posted a link to the article OP's changed his post to Erase like these other ones in the screen shot that I deleted., and now here we are.
There is no telling what the post will say tomorrow. :D
The only reason I didn't delete this one after it said erase like the others was the fact that it already had replies from other members.


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I stole a line from one of your reviews not long ago. On the Lost Vape Ursa Quest you put as a Con:
  • Coil performance is poor
I told people the coils were crap. Sort of the same. But so true.

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