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For oil leakage of atomizer, just contact steam smoke buddy don't understand what is going on, but also do not know what causes the oil spill, today president as we enumerate some causes of leakage, for you to make a reference to analyze their atomizer oil leakage reasons.

One, what is called the oil spill?

The oil spill is pointed out should never smoke out of place, at the wrong time, is not suitable for the position, there is little or a lot of ideas like the smoke (some is too much, sometimes condensed) just spilled some of it, there is a whole warehouse oil leak so far.

For example, the bottom edge of the glass atomizer chamber inlet, nozzle, screw bottom cathode drop. They can be roughly divided into two types, one is the circulation channel flow, one is the junction of each nebulizer itself. Leakage of things, is a condensed liquid smoke produced after heat exchange, a smoke is itself.

Two, why there will be oil spills

From the atomizer no oil condition to start. For the finished oil atomizer generally have five causes, from the first point to start.


(1) some buddy when run very fast and core is not careful, assuming a cotton oil guide to absorb the internal core drops of oil smoke, the smoke shidishui instantaneously joins in the core, the core can instantly absorb so much smoke, certainly did not have time to absorb the oil flow to the bottom, and then
go down the air inlet hole leak.
2) an additional condition is the natural join too much smoke, have only a core stored in the drops of oil smoke, embellish core used twenty drops of oil smoke, oil guide in cotton core is saturated, naturally can not absorb the leakage.

2 use methods

(1) some buddy saw others use drops of oil atomizer type, at the beginning of the ignition blew a smoke, will learn to blow out some smoke can't help.

To blow the core product because of strong degree of inward airflow or destruction of oil driven by internal and external pressure balance, then blowing inward, large particles of smoke blown out may be
produced at the beginning of the ignition and condensate already exist in many core and continued presence of tar (and a big reason is that the core was no, this product in many core in the problem).
(2)(2) the down suction atomizer, lock core oil atomizer meet ability, and then can "drink" to a smoke, and without heating atomization caused by smoke flavor, the waste is sucked into the full hour, smoke that much suck.

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We do not allow oil products in this forum, please refrain from any mention of these products or your account will be deleted as Spam.
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Agnes Letitia

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We do not allow oil products in this forum, please refrain from any mention of these products or your account will be deleted as Spam.
Sorry to hear that,I have deleted the content, I'm very sorry
We do not allow oil products in this forum, please refrain from any mention of these products or your account will be deleted as Spam.
Sorry to hear that,I have deleted the content, I'm very sorry

Agnes Letitia

Unlisted Vendor
TESLACIGS launched the invaders three, players are very familiar with a semi mechanical box". With safety protection chip output and comparable mechanical violence lever presses host got a lot of game player favorite, especially in love with RDA game player, this simple and quick operation, it is very convenient......

The TESLACIGS product line, the three after the launch of the invisible suit also adhering to the brand of "easy" concept, only one key invisible suit for many novice friends to provide a very good product selection and quality VAPE experience. Today will bring you this Teslacigs introduced the latest THREE host the use of experience, as well as in the end of the article simple comparison of several TESLACIGS products in the end how to choose.
Through the official website of TESLACIGS can see the introduction of new THREE, but there is no detailed description of the product parameters and the various features, so here simply move the contents of the description of the contents of the brief:

Host size: 52x25x81mm

Battery capacity: 5000mAh (built-in)

Host material: zinc alloy

Electrode material: brass plated with silver

Host weight: 228G

Maximum output power: 150W

Maximum output voltage: 4.2V

Maximum output current: 40A

USB input: 5V/2A (charge)

USB output: 5V/1A (discharge) (can be used as a mobile phone charging Po Oh!!!)

Minimum resistance support: 0.1 ohms

In the ignition key will have four more handsome in the shape of the LED lights, the charge will blink, by a light to four lights on the order of light from the battery, the real time. And these four LED lights in the use of different forms of flashing light to feedback the host information, in the use of the ignition key when the number of LED lights on behalf of the remaining percentage of electricity.
Four protection functions:

1, long burn protection: equipment in more than 10 seconds after the atomization will automatically stop the ignition, 4 LED lights will blink 8 times, the device will enter the standby mode.

2, low voltage alarm: when the voltage is less than 3.4 V, four LED lights will flash 15 times, flashing after the host will shut down.

3, short circuit protection: when the atomizer atomizer has the short circuit, four LED lights will flash 5 times quickly, the host will enter the standby mode.

4, charging protection: short circuit occurs when charging, the current is too large or too large, the charging circuit will automatically disconnect the connection.

Family package design throughout the TESLACIGS, in addition to luxury forms (such as: the Three Drawer) coating carton, the acrylic box although the first feeling of "simplicity" and other brand packaging is, but in the packing process will slowly feel about a brand for the "mechanical" concept.

In this small acrylic box, TESLACIGS packaging machines are integrated into the real metal products, such as some real metal instruments form of transportation, acrylic base more like playing an instrument base, in the use of these design ideas, we can see that the design concept of TESLACIGS to search for such content can.

Packing list is not too complex: THREE host, USB charging line, manual, product qualification certificate. From the bottom of the THREE there is a USB interface, this interface for the UBS output port, you can use the UBS data line to conventional charging output for mobile phone and other digital products, the THREE has become an often said that the charge treasure, stored by the powerful backup energy 5000 Ma built-in battery, realizing a dual-purpose machine.

Four point THREE, external use with STEALTH (invisible) as the coating paint, coating with mild scrub is very good in the sense of touch, holding hands, mark TESLACIGS and THREE small host compression in the lower left corner, like a rectangular component can obviously see from the side look, this is the ignition key to THREE, but also the whole host only one button.

At the bottom of the pressure relief holes as well as the host information, USB output port, in the use of the time to avoid the use of water in the place where there is water. The 510 electrode interface display for official brass plated, the exquisite workmanship in place, and the LED lamp mentioned above the ignition key at the top, there is a similar "RF" image design, comprehensive echo and LED lamp shape.

1、In some detail photos taken clearly show THREE work, for a similar STEALTH (invisible) as the form of products, the use of simple repeat features:

2、The maximum output of 1, THREE was 150W, but the body did not follow the usual "pressure box" as the adjustment button, in the use of THREE, the actual output power due to the host resistance data corresponding to the atomizer constant voltage output, similar to the mechanical rod in nature. But you need to use the 150W maximum output, coil resistance need their operations to produce heat coil atomizer. With a simple example, the atomizer resistance is low, the output power, it is higher. THREE minimum support 0.1 ohm resistor.
2, the use of this constant pressure output of the host, for the production of new heating coil parameters determine the trouble, in fact, not too complicated, just need a little patience to test. The use of the slow speed feeling heat, can be appropriate to reduce the coil number of turns, or increase the heating wire diameter, or replacement of the different materials of the heating wire (such as A1 for NI80 or ANARCHIST racing wire can completely subvert the concept of A1, the original heating speed) these things need to be patient to experience in order to summarize the best combination of their own "".

3, although the parameters of the online circle to determine the issue for the new needs a little time to adapt, but for some have been accustomed to the mechanical rod of a friend, just to get started. And THREE only a button design, but also fully demonstrates the TESLACIGS "mechanical concept" - simple, convenient. (THREE can also charge for mobile phone Oh!)

It is used to experience, the daily use of M-atty to install THREE to use. Data for: 26G/2.5 ANARCHIST circle diameter of 7 circles, on the THREE performance of the words, but also inherited the TESLACIGS's consistent style, seconds burst. In fact, there is no need to heat up a number of rendering, have used the Invaders 3 of the friends should also understand.

This is an ignition moment, put the camera fixed tripod. Left hand right hand left hand hold camera host, the ignition key and the right to press the camera shutter (set shooting), the first shutter, the shutter second. THREE reaction is very fast, even if the use of just a 0.37 ohm taste drops of oil, in the power is not yet "firepower" has a good performance in the case of.

Using tiger wire, the double resistance is 0.17. In the first ignition feel slow fever (which is a common problem in the fancy silk), second, the output of third has started the violence, with the outbreak of THREE in accordance with low resistance, fancy silk on performance is satisfactory.

Then from the form and use, there are many similar products: three TESLACIGS INVADER III (3, STEALTH (invaders) invisible), THREE, what is different? Here is simple to do a little comparison:


With 240W maximum power output and 5 output voltage regulation, in power and can be adjusted on the most powerful is a. But it is also the only need to purchase a 18650 two batteries of a host. Three models of the output performance of the host, III INVADER is the most comprehensive one.


The highest 100W output, built-in 2200 Ma battery and auxiliary products atomizer, only one button, the output is not adjustable. But with a mini figure and easy to carry out, with the NOTCH COIL product in supporting core atomization atomizer, regardless of the amount of smoke or output burst of speed of speaking, STEALTH should be at the forefront of product category as atomizer. But the shortcomings are obvious, even with the output of 100W also because the interface embedded design failed to use other RDA.

Convenient and easy to use is a very product design direction of vitality, and the mechanical rod for the reference of many "semi mechanical box" is actually a lot of friends to provide a safety and can feel the "straight" feeling VAPE experience, although these products are abandoned the key design of adjustable output, but as one has a habit of parameters of the user, even if there is no output regulation can also through the resistance control coil to obtain the output effect and good taste. If the use of RDA has become a daily necessity to go out with friends, THREE may be a convenient new choice.

Today's experience to share on the end of the above, I hope some of the practical experience to provide you with a reference value, thank you to watch!

Warm tip: because everyone's experience is different, this paper only represents the author's personal point of view, for reference only!

If you want to learn more about electronic cigarette information, please click on our website
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