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The Boro Mod Thread


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3F shows them as being available Dec 30th on their pre-order page. But just like the white SXK BB I ordered from them that said Nov 30th, it's shipped already, so that one came out a little bit early
You got lucky that it came out before expected from them.I pre ordered the white one September 24th because it showed a ship date of early October,then it changed to October 18th,and then finally Nov. 30th haha,at least it's finally on the way now,I got tired of waiting,and had went to the site to cancel it,when I seen it had finally shipped.
I'm in on the pulse AIO too though,I really like the green,but don't want a completely see through mod,so I went with black,and ordered the green doors for it.The fact it takes a 21700 is what sold me on it,plus being cheaper than all my other boro mods,I wont be afraid to take this one out of the house haha.

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