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1-vaping can help you give up cigarettes
2-smoking kills
3-passive smoking is dangerous
4-you financial health will be improved
5-no smell
6-huge choice of flavours
7-better for your health

Fog Monsters Inc
I`ve quit smoking 2 years ago and think I have saved a lot of money because of moving to vaping. I suggest everybody do the same right now.
It has no bad smell
it won`t kill you
you can choose different types of juices for me the answer is obvious. By the way, if you would love to you can check out Vapingdaily smoking vs vaping article, there a lot of great facts and truthful information about it.
Wish everybody luck!


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Yah you could do it in public places but that doesn't mean you ALWAYS should. Time and place people.... Its people who do this that give the majority of us a bad name. I mean whats worse for our image then a guy or gal walking into the local grocery store exhaling massive billowing clouds right in someones face. The cherry is berating the employees when they ask for you to please go out side to do it. And before you ask this happens in my local stores all the time, also its illegal in my state so theres also that. Your not the only person in the store..... Just saying.
I've been thinking about doing a full topic on this. It happens a lot around me.
Been seeing a lot of updated no smoking signs that now include an
icon-graphic of a vape pen with a bar over it as well. I try to abide by
the twenty foot rule. That is you don't smoke or vape within twenty feet
of the entrance / door. That is usually pretty standard in most states,
I find, too.

As for vaping inside a public place? Only if it's allowed. If posted
no smoking & no vaping then I agree, it's pretty clear you don't do it
inside the place. If it's not posted I'll presume it's allowed until
someone, an employee, says otherwise. Once they do, I put my gear away
and won't vape in there again.

Something I do as well, I don't vape around the elderly or
infants/toddlers. Neither class of these persons should be made to
tolerate smoking or vapor. Both class might possibly even have medical
issues which get inflamed or worsen due to smoke or vapor. Subjecting
them to that is very *typed with a vulgar tone* "common".

Overall, I agree with your sentiment of being respectful of others. That
should be understood to go both ways though. If I'm outside and away
from a door I refuse to tolerate gruff over vaping. It bothers you?

"Hey, we're outside you can move on. I'm gonna keep on vaping."

So far no one has actually really made an issue about it. For me it's
about respect, the one thing you never get free but if you give it away
freely it comes back in droves. If you respect yourself it's no problem
to respect others.


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After smoking some cigarettes in summer you feel like something very heavy is on your chest. The smell is bad and the health is not getting better as well. Vaping does not help with health either but it's a healthier alternative to smoking, that's for sure.

I smoked cigs for the majority of my life, but then I found vaping and stopped smoking immediately after starting to vape.
I would never come back there...

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