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Transformer Tank Taking Your Vaping Experience to the Next Level


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Hi Vapers,

Thanks @Sournois suggestion.
As a vape manufacturer, we will share more detail of Wellon Vape device.
This thread we will introduce Wellon Transformer Tank.

Wellon Transformer Tank Introduce

The tank that comes with this kit is rather interesting.
It’s 47.6mm tall, 22mm in diameter and holds 4ml of liquid.
It is however the first sub ohm tank that I’ve seen that has middle airflow.
As in the airflow comes in from the middle, not the top and not the bottom.
It works similar to a top airflow tank in this regard but the air actually has less distance to travel.
I’ve noticed with nearly every top airflow tank that I’ve used that they feel a bit airier.
The air has to travel a short distance before reaching your coils so there’s always a very momentary delay before you start getting vapour.
With the Transformer tank, it’s shorter and maybe a bit less noticeable.
Aside from that the remainder of the tank is fairly standard when it comes to subohm tanks.

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Transformer Tank Taking Your Vaping Experience to the Next Level
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