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The Tugboat, #Tuglyfe Unregulated Box Mod by Flawless

My journey as a vaper is constantly evolving; I am always trying new mods, juices, tanks, drippers, etc… There has been a constant in my travels though, unregulated mechanical mods. Since my first tube mod, I have always loved the way an unregulated device vapes, it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I control the vape by building coils to match my mood and battery. I love how I can feel the battery getting lower as I vape and can sense when it’s time to swap to a new one. Are regulated devices bad? No. I use regulated devices every day when I am driving, when I have to concentrate on specific tasks, or when I am in the mood for it. There is nothing wrong with regulated devices; they can be just as satisfying as any other mod. I am just saying that when I am relaxing or hanging out with friends, I prefer my unregulated mods over anything else. So naturally I am always in the market for a new unregulated device. I recently came across the dual parallel Tuglyfe unregulated box mod. So obviously I had to add this beautiful box to my collection.

#Tuglyfe Unregulated Box Mod

In the “box”:

1 VapeSox carrying case.

1 Tugboat Unregulated Box Mod (White with Green Splatter)

1 VapeSox Certificate of Authenticity

Notable stats:

26mm x 58mm x 107mm

MOSFET Protected

Dual 18650 Parallel

Supports Down to .15 ohm

Custom CNC’d Aluminum Enclosure

Made in the U.S.A.


The Tuglyfe Unregulated Box Mod by Flawless features a sleek casing, dual parallel 18650 compatibility, an included custom VapeSox Box Mod Holder, and an integrated MOSFET for maximum durability and safety!

The Tuglyfe Unregulated Box Mod by Flawless is a full featured, mechanical based box mod that is available in several stylish finishes. Manufactured out of aluminum, each Tuglyfe Unregulated Box Mod features a clearly marked battery sled that accommodates two 18650 batteries running in parallel. Paired with a MOSFET that supports down to 0.15 ohm resistance builds, the Tuglyfe Unregulated Box Mod combines safety, durability, and usability. A spring loaded, self-adjusting brass 510 makes atomizer fitting hassle-free and simple. The soft-click side button makes firing the Tuglyfe Unregulated Box Mod simple and fatigue free. Included with each Tuglyfe Unregulated Box Mod is a paired VapeSox Box Mod Holder, completing the overall value of the kit. Reliability, durability and value from a name trusted in the vape industry, the Tuglyfe Unregulated Box Mod by Flawless. – VaporDNA website


The quality of this mod is undeniable. It feels solid in the hand, has a good weight, and a strong magnetic door with no rattle. The custom aluminum CNC’d box isn’t too big and fits very comfortably in your hand. The button is firm, very tactile, and clicky. The finish is textured and durable making this mod a pleasure to hold. When you open the battery door you notice there is not a lot of wasted space, the wiring is clean, soldering is great, internals are all simple and elegant. Battery sled is secured tightly, clearly marked for battery installation, and the prongs are pre-bent so that they don’t catch and tear battery wraps. The stainless steel 510 threads are smooth and the pin is spring loaded so it will fire any atomizer you put on it.


Beautiful. The enclosure itself is barley wider than two 18650 batteries and doesn’t have that bulky look, like some other box mods. The splatter coloring is very appealing to me because with it no two mods are exactly alike. Each paint job is like a special snowflake; you will never find anyone else who has the exact same splatter pattern as the mod you receive. They come in a huge variety of color options, they even have just basic color options if the splatter doesn’t appeal to you. The 510 is recessed slightly so all of your atomizers will sit flush and look great. The logos and writing are engraved into the mod giving them a very high quality feel and added layer of texture.


Simple. Insert batteries correctly, screw on atomizer, depress the fire button, and enjoy the vape. There are no menus or setting to adjust. You are required to understand ohm’s law and know your battery limits to use this device properly. Extremely rugged and reliable. With the simplicity of this mod, there really isn’t much that can go wrong (unless you put a battery in backwards). The MOSFET chip keeps the switch safe and ensures you that this mod will last a very, very long time.

Batteries and Juice:

With any mod, battery/juice consumption depends greatly on the type of battery, the type of atomizer and coil(s), and the amount you use the device. I have been using MXJO 3000 mAh batteries and can get through a whole day of work with one set. On days I am home watching football, or hanging with my vaping friends, I can go through a set of batteries much quicker. I do not notice much voltage drop with this mod at all. It continues to hit just as hard as my high-end tube mods, but with longer battery life.


I paid $140 for an authentic version this device and in my personal opinion it is worth every penny. I know there are a lot of clones out there for much, much cheaper. I know a few people with clones of this mod and they all work just fine. I haven’t seen any clones fail, but the clones do have their downsides. Firstly, the clone has shotty soldering and no shrink wrap covering the work. Instead they dabbed some hot glue over the solder, it looks ugly and cheap. Secondly, the clones aren’t painted then engraved. They feel and look like it is just a cheap wrap with the Tyglyfe logos printed on them and the splatter bleeds through the logos. Finally, the button is a cheap knock off and feels very squishy with no tactile feedback and no wonderful click you get from an authentic. So in my personal opinion, buy the authentic if you can afford it.

Authentic - flawlessvapeshop.com/tuglyfe-unregulated-box-mod/

Clone - fasttech.com/products/3027/10015689/2985800


Everything about this mod is a pro. It is simple, clean, durable, precise, beautiful, and reliable. MOSFET protected so it’s safe. It’s a dual parallel 18650 device, you will get twice the life of a tube mod with less strain on the batteries. It is available in a rainbow of color options. It’s made out of high quality parts. It is everything you could possibly want in a dual parallel unregulated box mod.


Price, for some people $140 is a bit steep for a mod. It comes with a VapeSox carrying case that I will never use, it would have been nice to buy the mod without the case for less money. Other than that, I am having a hard time finding cons for this. It would be nice if they built it to fire safely at .10 ohms, but that’s nit-picking at this point.


After using this Tuglyfe box for a few weeks, what have I come to learn? This mod performs exactly like it should. Does it function differently from any other dual parallel unregulated box? Nope. You are buying this for its quality, style, and reliability. I have come to really love this box and find myself taking with me when I normally wouldn’t bring a mech mod. I get a lot of questions about it and people compliment it every time they hold it. For now, this box has become my go-to device and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

If you are in the market for an unregulated device, buy one. They come in so many color options that there is guaranteed to be one to match your style. They are reliable workhorses that will not let you down, even after repeated abuse.

Battery Safety:

This is not a beginner’s device. Before you use any unregulated device, please research Ohm’s Law and Battery Safety. Below I will link a great place to learn the basics. Please go to the link and learn about Ohm’s Law and battery safety before you make any mistakes that could be detrimental to your health. Safety should always be your number one priority.


These are all my personal opinions and experiences and should all be taken with a grain of salt. If your experiences vary then let us know here so we can get a balanced view. Have a great day!

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