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Unbalanced batteries


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Hello all
So decided to update my batteries a few months ago. Ordered 6 Hohm Life batteries (authentic) and married them up in pairs. I think 2 of my sets have unbalanced batteries. This one is the worst set. So I'm curious to what might cause this and if there is a solution. Battery A was in slot 1 and battery B was in slot 3. Thanks yall

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I have noticed that certain mods drain the batteries unevenly.
I'll put a set on charge and one will be .2 volts higher than the other.
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next time you see this. switch batteries to different slots. to see what happens.
just for fun.


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To see if the charger is reading correctly, check or test the Voltage of the Batteries with a Volt Meter or another MOD. You can't trust the results unless you test them with multiple devices and compare the results.

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